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Spiritual Warfare Part 7

Understanding the Battlefield Landscape

The next element in understanding the landscape of the battlefield is philosophy. The purpose of this reflection is to point out two primary examples that have altered the battlefield landscape to such a degree that even the Church has compromised her convictions by ignoring God’s revelation. There have been millions of assertions by philosophers over the centuries. It is not even possible to even mention a handful of them. I will only address two philosophical propositions in this short reflection: (1) evolutionary philosophy, and (2) abortion philosophy. If you are wondering why I chose these two philosophical perspectives, let me share my reasoning.

First, evolution, even though it has proven to be wholly inadequate to explain the origin of life on this planet, but it has opened the door for a godless ethic that immerses societies and entire continents into lawlessness, slavery, and genocide. The atheistic presuppositions inherent in evolutionary philosophy erode the value of human life and dignity making it possible to eliminate the members of society the elites considered less desirable. Darwin called this genocidal premise—“the survival of the fittest.” On the surface the phrase sounds innocent enough, until the bodies of innocent people are dumped into mass graves as non-entities.

Second, the abortion philosophy is a murderous ideology used by the elites to select who should survive and who should be eliminated. Abortion has seared the consciousness of people to the point that the respect for the sanctity of human life has been all but lost. When an atheist philosophy that promotes the survival of the fittest combines with the murderous sexual depravity of abortion, there is no limit to the corruption the devil can unleash upon a society. And the Church must awaken to the reality that these two philosophies have one common goal—the destruction of the Christian Church by attacking the very foundation of belief in God. I will address evolutionary philosophy first.

Evolutionary Philosophy

Let me begin this portion by saying that there is no way I can summarize evolutionary philosophy in the next few paragraphs. Additionally, let me stipulate that I am using the term evolutionary philosophy because Darwinian evolution is not about biology. Evolution is an attempt to remove God and the Church from the public debate dressed up as science. Evolutionists and biologists may object to my characterization of their philosophical convictions, but, as I look at the results of evolutionary philosophy, it is virtually impossible for me to reach a different conclusion.

Two documents emerged in the 19th century, produced with superficial good intentions, but their unintended consequences was to erase God from the human conscience. These documents are: “The Communist Manifesto,” written by Karl Marx in 1848, and “The Origen of Species,” written by Charles Darwin in 1859. It is an incredible coincidence that both documents had atheistic philosophical underpinnings, and both attacked God as unnecessary by Darwin and as “the opium of the people” by Marx. Since I cannot summarize either document in this short reflection, I encourage the reader to do further research to confirm or refute my generalized observations.

The atheist organization called “Freedom from Religion” published a speech by Jerry Coyne in 2017 who stated: “Here is my thesis for the evening: The fact of evolution is not only inherently atheistic. It is inherently anti-theistic. It goes against the notion that there is a god.” ( In other words, Mr. Coyne does not consider his atheistic heresy to be a matter of personal philosophical convictions. Nope. He wants to aggressively attack those who profess belief in God. Evolutionary philosophy has become a sledgehammer wielded by powerful men in academia to bludgeon the Christian Church into submission. And when Christians entertain this travesty, they are playing in the devil’s playground, and fighting the spiritual war with the devil’s weapons.

Regardless of what you might have heard, the theory of evolution is not about biology. Certainly, many of the proponents of evolution are sincere in their belief that they are promoting science, more specifically, biological science. Their motivations notwithstanding, not a single biologist has been able to present any credible evidence that any of the earth’s species have changed their genome (this is the genetic language that give each specie its unique characteristics), and that they had become a different specie altogether. When Darwin wrote his book The Origin of the Species, he did not even know the most rudimentary information about the complexity of the cell, much less about the monumental complexity required for one specie to evolved into another. Additionally, Darwin did not have any knowledge regarding DNA, which is the genetic language that identifies the unique qualities of every single organism on this earth. For example, no two living human beings share the same DNA, with the exemption of identical twins.

Darwin believed that the cell was just an undefined blob without any components in it. However, microbiologist Michael Behe, who wrote the book “Darwin’s Black Box,” has clearly demonstrated that the cell is a complex mechanism with “machines” moving proteins from one side of the cell to the other to continue feeding and building the cell. Behe’s thesis established that the complexity of the cell’s mechanism could not have evolved over time because all the parts had to be present at the same time in order for the cell to survive. Thus, the title of the book as a black box, means that evolutionary philosophy does not have a viable explanation for the complexity of the cell. The black box has trapped evolution into a position from which it cannot escape, exposing Darwinian evolution as a philosophical construct without any basis in reality.

Someone may object by asking, what about all the evidence? My answer to that is fairly simple. If evolutionary philosophy cannot define and explain the very foundation of life on earth, everything else is a sandcastle. They built the Sears tower with smoke and mirrors. When you press these scientists to explain the very origin of life, they revert to saying that no one knows because there was no one present when it happened. Well, if no one knows, why are they promoting the philosophy as if they knew? But Someone knows—God knows.

The atheistic emphasis in Darwinian evolution is the reason I say Darwin’s starting point was philosophical, not biological. He did not have enough scientific data to formulate his theory, and he had to rely upon philosophical presuppositions to build his house of cards. As a result, Darwinian philosophy has become the battle cry for atheists around the world that life on this earth can be explained without God. The problem for these scientists is that they have formulated how they believe life developed on this earth, but not one of them can explain how life itself originated without God.

The most rudimentary explanation evolutionists provide is that one billion gazillion years ago, in what is called a prehistoric soup, the chemicals existing at that time were activated with some form of energy that, miraculously, produced the first unicellular living organisms. These organism, without a mind, purpose or a conscience, for reasons no one can discerned, began to multiply into more complex life forms. We are not told whether these organisms had the same DNA or whether they came into being with a built-in reproductive system that made it possible for them to multiply. After a few more gazillion years, as these organism became more complex for whatever reason, they decided to grow legs, wings, and eyes. Then, these super smart creatures without brains, realized they needed a brain if they were going to survive. Throw in another gazillion years, and these same organisms split into mammals, fish, insects, and reptiles.

No one knows how that happened, but since we all know those animals alive today, these scientists claim that it must have happened through countless mutations that alter the DNA in these forms. These scientists teach this position even though there is not one single example in which mutations had any effects on the hosts DNA, much that such mutations could be hereditary. No one knows how these unicellular organisms realized that staying unicellular they could never become a monkey or a whale, and even though they did not have a brain, they wanted to become monkeys and whales. Please follow me. If we extrapolate from our present experience about life on this planet, there is not one single strand of evidence that can return us back to the prehistoric soup that produced that first unicellular molecules. Darwinian philosophy is probably the greatest philosophical non-sequitur hoax the devil has visited upon humanity. This is the most sophisticated philosophical proposal without any basis in reality. It is therefore a lie. And for what? For the sole purpose to suppress the truth of God’s existence.

There is one simple test that can clear up all the smoke about the theory of evolution. Is there any evidence, anywhere, that the genetic code of any living on this earth has been altered that resulted in a different species altogether? The famous atheist Richard Dawkins received such a question and after several embarrassing seconds of searching his memory for an answer, he could not answer the question. The reason he could not answer the question is because there is no answer to the question. There has never been any evidence that any living organism has changed its genetic code. It has never happened. So, instead of saying that he could not come up with an example, he went to dissemble and answered a questioned no one asked him. He, then, rambled on for a few of minutes about some gobbleddiguck that not even he could have believed to be true. You can look it up for yourself. ( If you have a better answer than Dawkins, I will wait. And please, do not talk to me about the beaks of birds in the Galapagos Islands. (To be continued…).

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