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Spiritual Warfare Part 9

Understanding the Battlefield Landscape

As we continue considering the battlefield landscape, we need to consider the second aspect of the philosophical element that shapes the landscape we are surveying: the philosophy of death, and in particular the form it take in today’s culture in the practice of abortion.

Throughout the centuries this philosophy of death has taken several names and has been practiced by a wide range of civilizations. The Canaanites, mentioned in the Old Testament, as well as many other cultures, sacrificed their children to their idols as a form of worship and supplication. The Aztek nation, which covered most of what we know today as Central America, sacrificed their young girls to their gods and practiced cannibalism. For centuries the Israelites adopted the practice, from those nations they failed to remove during their conquest of the promised land, of burning their children on the arms of Moloch, the god of fire, in the valley of the shadow of death. And so on the stories go. There are many examples of this practice throughout human history. But these are sufficient to establish the gruesome history. From the senatorial games of the Roman Empire to the rampaging Mongol hordes of Genghis Khan to the gas chambers of the Nazis, the endless creativity for the destruction of human lives has not diminished. It has only increased. And while physical death has been a part of the human experience since the serpent deceived Adam and Eve and they sinned against God, the world without God has turned death into an art form.

Jesus told us that the devil has been a murderer from the beginning. His words imply that Satan’s mission has been the extermination of the image of God, as it finds expression in every human life, from the face of the earth. Every individual on this earth is a reminder to the devil that God still reigns supreme on his throne, and that the devil will never be the recipient of the worship he so disparately desires.

As a result of his failure to usurp God's sovereignty, Satan has dedicated all his time to deceive the world and to destroy as many expressions of God's image as he possibly can. This philosophy of death has not changed, but the tactics and the names of its enforcers has. Today's philosophy of death goes by the name of abortion. And how do we know that this practice is a continuation of the devil's program? Because abortion destroys the expression of God's image in the initial stages of its development.

In the 20th century, the height of human depravity is being expressed in the expertise of those who exterminate the next generation at a rate never before imaginable. The abortion "industry" has become the most efficient killing machine in the history of the world. And even though many abortion apologists would deny the link, the atheistic philosophies of Karl Marx and Charles Darwin provided the context for this tyranny in the name of science and economic justice. In the 20th century the governments of the world became Satan's surrogates as he wielded them as his instruments of death.

For centuries, wars were fueled by greed, the hunger for power, and revenge. These fountains of vice and evil played their assigned roles to fulfill the devil’s goal to destroy as many lives as possible. But it wasn’t until the 20th century that civilized nations became sophisticated enough to return to the old pagan sacrificial system of killing children. And how did they do it? By twisting words to satiate the consciences of those who had not moral foundations. They began calling it “women's choice or reproductive freedom.”

Our supposedly enlightened and educated elites have chosen abortion as their mechanism to bow to the serpent's deepest desire of being worshiped. The devil continues to use wars to cause death and destruction, to destabilize nations and distract from horrifying atrocities. But in the latter part of the 20th century, the old serpent convinced society, and women in particular, that abortion was their ticket to liberation.

The proponents of abortion have used all kinds of euphemisms to describe their grizzly sacrament. They began calling the extermination of human life, a choice. Women, and the men who get them pregnant but who do not want the responsibility for bringing a child into this world have shouted, “my body, my choice” for decades. Like all euphemisms, this phrase was a lie designed to deceive the gullible and promote the most brutal expression of human wickedness. The truth is that even as the child is in the mother’s womb, the child is not her body for her to dispose of in whatever manner she sees fit. The child is a different body, with a totally distinct DNA that makes them a unique individuals.

As more scientific discoveries have proven that the baby is a distinct person, with a heartbeat by the sixth week of gestation, the same advocates for women who had said the fetus was a blob were forced to make a language adjustment because their lie could not be defended anymore. Then, the “choice” euphemism morphed into the phrase “women’s reproductive rights.” The second phrase is an even bigger lie than the first.

There has never been one solitary woman in the history of mankind that has “reproduced” another human being by herself. Every single instance in which a woman became pregnant, there was a man or a man’s sperm inserted into the woman’s womb. Women cannot claim exclusive reproductive rights because reproduction has always involved a biological male and a biological female. Not one, not three, only two. Like all euphemisms, the phrase reproductive freedom is another lie concocted in hell. If you want to know who the agents of Satan are, look for all the pro-abortion promoters arguing that it is in the interests of freedom that women should be allowed and encouraged to kill the most innocent and defenseless of all human beings. Do not be deceived. These people, regardless of how misguided or ignorant they might be, have become willing or unwitting agents for the devil, who has been a murderer from the beginning.

The ancient religion of paganism and the modern "scientific" field of eugenics have combined in the last fifty years, since the nefarious Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, to produce the most efficient death machine ever created. Since that moment, there have been more than sixty-three million children exterminated in the United States alone. In the Roe decision, the highest court of the land codified into practice, for there is no law mandating it, the brutal murder of the unborn for the sole purpose of satisfying the selfish interests of men and women wanting to thumb their noses at God. The horrible truth is that abortion is the modern version of children being sacrificed to Moloch, the blood thirsty Canaanite pagan god whose hunger for blood was never satisfied.

I know the Justices of the Supreme Court were not pledging allegiance to Moloch, but the net result is no different. We are in a spiritual war, and deception is Satan’s most effective weapon. Clearly, the devil was not going to reveal his intentions and motivations to the court. But lying, deception, and murder have been the devil’s strategy from the very beginning, and the Church should not be surprised when deception rules the secular governments and courts. However, the Church should have been wiser, demonstrating greater spiritual insight to recognize the devil’s strategy. We have not. In the last fifty years many church leaders have fallen for the deception under the false banners of equality, inclusion, liberation, and fairness, and in doing so, they have joined forces with the enemies of the cross.

The philosophy of death is the second element that shapes the landscape of the spiritual battlefield. The church is obligated to oppose and resist this philosophy of death at all costs, in all expressions, and on all fronts of this war. (NEXT: morality).

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